Tuesday, September 11, 2007


The third day of school the kindergartners got to go on the bus for the first time. Laura was a bit nervous but luckily right when the bus got there her first grader friends from church, Samantha and Daisy came. They held her by the hand and she felt much better. Wow what a day. It felt weird to send her off like that. The school is extremely organized,so I don't worry too much about her getting lost or something but paranoid as I always have been I cannot help but wonder. I have to just RELAX!
When she came home on the bus Mateo ran up to her and gave her a huge hug. It was really cute


Well, Laura is loving it. She is still going half day this week but starting next Monday she will be going until 3:15. This will be painful for me. Very painful for me. I guess I have to let go of my kids at some point.


Laura decided to be a clown and wear her Popsicle instead of eating it. Claudia found a new favorite hairdo. She would not let me fix it. She is hilarious.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Our Sweetie pies

Laura likes to take pictures. She takes most of the pictures in the blog.

Our "three" little girls?

We thought Felipe would enjoy this picture more than anyone else:)


Mateo would jump out of his crib during his nap and get in Lauras bed for his nap. I was always afraid that he would fall out of bed, so I decided to put the girls beds together and let him nap there. Claudia and Mateo started getting scared at night and coming into our room but now that they are all together they all do much better. I move mateo back into his crib after they all fall asleep. We will see what happens after we move.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

We miss ABUELA!!!

Having Abuela stay for a few more hours was a real treat!!! We really enjoyed her. Come see us again soon pleeeeeeeease!
We have a great group of LDS people at the apartment complex. We got together the other night and had smores it was so much fun. We have become friends with a couple from Vegas. (The Baileys) They have four gorgeous kids and are going to Costa Rica for their first post. Their youngest daughter Daisy is Laura's age. They are really cool. The Tittus family is another great family, they brought us dinner tonight because they heard I was sick. The Meyers are cool too they were in Ukraine with the Erika's parents and have great things to say about them. We are having a great time here.

What my kids do on their own.

Sad but true. When I was down with strep my kids knew exactly what to do. They knew they had to patiently wait until I got up to feed them breakfast. This is why they did not complain much. They got to watch cartoons while I moaned in bed a few more minutes. They had a great lunch too, fishies with grapes, oh and for a bath they ran through the sprinklers downstairs. Oh how they wish I got strep more often.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Greetings from Weeksland!!!

I could not decide which of these three pictures was the best so I posted all three. We are having a good time here. We miss everyone very much but are happy ang excited to have abuela over in two weeks!!!

Crazy and cute Weeks!!!

Mateo thinks he is Bravehart, Claudia falls asleep on chairs. These kids are hillarious!!! (The flowers were a gift from Zeb. He's a real gent.)


Must be that Colon blood. It was fun having titi Ive here.


One of the great things about living here is having a playground right downstairs and a swimming-pool with a lifeguard from 10am to 10pm everyday. The kids, especially Laura, have LOVED It! I really enjoy talking to the parents at the playground. Almost everyone here does what Zeb does so it is fun to talk about their adventures.

Sleeping Beauties!!!

There is nothing more satisfying than the sight of your children sleeping peacefully. The most important part of this sentence is peacefully!! Peace, Peace, Peace!!!

Look!!! I can sew!

Just a few things I've made for the kids. The baby quilt, I made for Kascia's baby. She is due in September. How exciting! The pillow, along with htree other smaller ones I made for the girls. I also hand quilted another quilt for Mateo. I will post a picture latter.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Zeb The diplomat

This picture was taken on swearing in day by someone in Zeb's class. I just had to share it with you all.

We were there!

We got to go to Jamestown for the 400th Anniversary Celebration. Although it was a mad house, (There must have been 100,000 people there) the fact that we got to be were the British arrived and established the very first colony in this Country was super exciting. They re-enacted the three ships arriving. It was awesome! The girls took a picture by Pocahontas. The reason they don't look very interested must be because they have not seen the Disney movie yet. Ha Ha.

Sad Sad Boy

Cute little Mateo got a new haircut. We are very happy with how handsome he looks but apparently he thinks long hair is in. Is it?

The crazy Weeks

The other day Laura went crazy making silly jokes and got everyone in a silly mood. I think it was because she ate too many Oreos after Family Home Evening.