Monday, June 21, 2010

School is out!

The funnest thing we have done so far this Summer break, besides hosting our cousins, has been going to visit our other cousins. The May cousins. Roxi and Ephraim just bought a house in Spring Creek, very close to our old house and Janet and Fred's house. It is a very beautiful house with lots of very nice upgrades in it. I fell in love with their kitchen floor. I wish I had pictures to show. I will try to get some later.

The kids have been having fun at home as well. They are really enjoying their new baby brother.

The picture of Claudia by the piano was taken the day before her last day of kindergarten.

The picture of Titus is to show what a great sense of style he has.

Saul's Special Blanket:

When I was eight years old I took sewing classes. In the class I also "learned" how to crochet a tiny bit. I started this blanket for when I had kids of my own. I never finished it and it got stored away in a box when our family moved overseas. So after Ecuador, Venezuela Utah, a mission back to Ecuador, marriage, and four kids, at age 36 while looking through old boxes at mom's house I Found it. Since I was pregnant with Saul at the time, I decided to finish it. It has been fun using something I made when I was so young.


Our cousins came to visit. We had lot's of fun. Thank you for bringing them Titi Emily and Tui David! In this picture: Jayden, James, Jordan, Mateo, Titus, Laura and Claudia. We love you guys very much!

Monday, June 14, 2010


The girls got haircuts. Wow that's short. Laura hates to brush her long hair so she begged me to cut it. After I did it she convinced Claudia to join her. So now we have "twins".

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Titus turned two!

Titus turned two years old on April 20th. His little brother Saul was born just two days after that so I did not even think to blog about his birthday. Since the purpose of our blog is not just to show off our kids but to record family events, I of course must mention this great and marvelous one!
Titus has blessed our lives in many ways. He is a very "active" child, and I don't mean in the church. He has brought a lot of laughter to our home because he is so funny and is always doing something crazy. He is starting to talk, which makes him even funnier because now we know what he is thinking. One of his favorite things to say is "pease mommy, pease" which he knows melts my heart and as a result usually gets what he wants. His favorite person is his sister Laura. She is like a second mom to him. He has gotten quite attached to her. I love that. I love him! We love him! Happy Birthday Sweetie pie !

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We love having five kids!