Thursday, October 30, 2008

Monster Bash!!!

Today Laura's school celebrated Halloween in a very cool way. They got the whole school assembled at the gym and had a "parade" of costumes. They went one class at a time. It was wild and loud but quite organized. Lot's of fun!!! I thought the first grade teachers did a great job with their outfits. They were the "Vowel doctors". I thought that was really cute. Laura's teacher is second from right to left. Her name is Mrs. McLeod. She has truly been a blessing for Laura. She is a wonderful, wonderful teacher. The principal and vice principal stole the show with their Obama/McCain impersonations. It was hilarious!!! There is a lot of excitement and school spirit at this school. Daphne looked stunning in her "black bride" dress. Laura wanted to be a normal bride dressed in white so I bought shiny white cheap fabric and worked on my non-existent sewing skills. The dress turned out pretty cute. Laura loved it, I guess that's what matters most right? Tomorrow is the real Halloween. There will be no school because it's Nevada day. I will post later and have picture of the rest of the kids. I included a clip from the Monster Bash so you can get a small idea of how loud and crazy it was. The clip has the "presidential candidates" leaving the room.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sooo like uhhhhhh Never mind China!

Fred and Janet have had a mission change! Guess where they are going now? If you guessed India, you are right. If you guessed Pakistan you are right. If you guessed Bangladesh, you are right.If you guessed Bhutan, you are right. If you guessed Nepal, you are right!!!!! They have been called to the India New Delhi mission. As far as we understand this mission was created only one year ago and it covers the northern part of India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bhutan and Nepal. Man! I thought Hong Kong was super cool, but now I'm just PLAIN JEALOUS!!! They leave two months earlier now. Dec 8th. We love them and are soooo happy for them. We are now taking donations to cover the expence of out trip there. Think charity, think charity!!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Mateo the Adorable!

The Toe Monster!!!

Poor Titus was grabbing my toes. Whenever I would wiggle them, he would jump ten feet high in terror. I was not able to get a video of that but while trying to record it, this happened.

Overstimulated Baby

I am just learning to upload videos so please be patient with me.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hong Kong, China Mission!!!!

WOW! Can you believe it!! Fred and Janet got their mission call. Hong Kong , China!!! Fred cried when he read it. That is the exact mission he wanted. They leave on February 23. The day after my birthday. I have a feeling they will forget my birthday this year, ha, ha. They will serve for two years. We will miss them but are sooooooooooo excited they are doing this and oh boy! what a cool mission. Fred and Janet, You rock!!! I know the Lord will bless you and our family because of your service. I cannot wait to see even more miracles unfold.

B--Y--U-- IDAHO!!!!!!!

Rexburg Temple.
We loved the Rexburg temple. It sits up on a big hill and feels like it watches over the whole city.

These falls are by the town Twin Falls. Impressive.

I guess David and Emily can be B-Y-U COUGARS fans; but for now, I hope they forgive us but we are going to be B-Y-U IDAHO!!!! fans. At least for one year. We just got back from Rexburg. Zeb had quite a rigorous interviewing process to go through on Tuesday the 7th. Claudia, Mateo Titus and I went with him. As you can see in the pictures, we stayed in the hotel most of that day. They told Zeb, after he taught two classes and went through about six interviews that if he were to get the job offered to him, not to expect anything longer than one year. They said it is only a one year position!!! Then they said that they would call him in about a week to tell him if he got it or not. They were very nice about it but also very clear. The next day, Wednesday, we headed back home to Spring Creek. We stopped at Jake and Amy's house (Erika's brother and sister in law) They have done a beautiful job in their house. I was very jealou... oops I mean impressed=) Not long after leaving their house Zeb got THE PHONE CALL and got the job offered to him. I was so excited I cried. They said that they offered the job to him right away because they did not want him to take a position anywhere else. Does this mean they liked him well enough to keep him longer than a year? Who knows? I think that even though we hope for longer than a year we will just expect one. That's OK, I have faith that someday we will settle somewhere. Hopefully that someday comes before the millennium (as opposed to after it. ha ha) In all seriousness what I feel most grateful for is the fact that finally someone in academics appreciated Zeb's hard work and many talents. That meant the world to me.

Puerto Rico Trip

Like I said in my last entry. Titus and I wet to Puerto Rico for abuelos burial. After that was done we saw Jeanny and hung out with titi Madeline a lot. There is a picture of Jamil, Osvalditos son holding Titus. Isn't it cute? Jose and David helped abuela with all the paperwork etc.. that comes with the death of someone. They ran errands the hole time we were there. Bless their hearts! Our last day in the island, we got to go to dad's grave. It was special for me because I had not gone since we buried him. It was also special because his youngest grandchild Titus was there. Titus makes #13 grandchild.

Adios Abuelo Hector

Perhaps, "hasta pronto" would be a better tittle. We will miss abuelo very much. Jose, David, mom, baby Titus and I went down for the funeral. Felipe was greatly missed. It was a great experience. The funeral was great. Jose gave a wonderful talk. The next day Abuelo was given a military burial at the National Cemetery . It was awesome. I am sure abuelo felt honored by the way it was done. After that, Jose dedicated the grave and we said good bye one last time.
It is sad that now when we call abuela we will no longer ask how abuelo is doing but at the same time what good news! We will no longer ask about his health or well-being because we know he is doing better that ever. It is comforting to know that death really is an "hasta pronto", not an "adios" In the meantime. We will miss him and we are so very grateful for the love, advice, humor and example of love for the gospel that he gave us.