Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Zeb!

We love the Birthday boy! He requested pie instead of cake. I made him Blackberry pie and Apple pie. I think he was pretty happy. The kids planned out the whole day for him. They wrote the whole schedule down and made sure we followed every minute of it. It was very cute!!!


The other day Mateo and Claudia grabbed some Halloween paints we had in the closet and Claudia expressed her artistic talent on Mateo. She painted him like an "Indian" It took days to get rid of all the paint.


Our little baby Titus is not so little anymore but I refuse to debunk him from his Baby Throne prematurely. After baby is born we will have no choice, but for now Titus IS the baby. he was worring me because he does not always like to eat a lot of vegetables of fruits so I found a solution. Green shakes!!!!! He loves them!!! I feel so good when he pigs out on them. And he does!!!

Church Activity

I signed up to make a cake for a Relief Society Luncheon. It had to be up in a pedestal and kind of fancy because they were to be used for table decoration for each table. The colors we were encouraged to use were white and pink. I would have used other colors but I decided to stick with their colors. The cake is carrot with cream cheese icing. I covered it with fondant which I think tastes nasty but looks nice. Hopefully the cake turned out good enough that people won't mind the fondant.

Sailor Girls

Our neighbors always give us "hand me downs". We love it! This last time they gave us this sailor dress for Laura. Claudia had one already so they now can match. Are they cute or what? Here they are with their proud dad on Sunday morning.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sorry I have not blogged lately

I have had NO TIME to blog. Between trying to keep the house in a livable condition, feeding kids, getting sickness after sickness, piano lessons, piano practice and taking a nap every day when it's the boys nap time ( I have reached that stage in pregnancy where I can sleep for hours and still can't get enough), I have not been able to download new pics into our computer. I will get to it. I promise. Here is a pic to keep you happy for now. The boys love to hide in the bathtub. They are crazy little critters.