Wednesday, August 24, 2016

School year 2016-2017

All the children got to go to a new school this year. Rock Canyon Elementary built a new school so the teachers and students are familiar to these guys but the school is brand new. Isn't that great! I have 3 boys in elementary. 

Titus 3rd, Saul 1st, Mateo 5th

Titus couldn't be happier lol

And this young lady get's to go to Centennial Middle School all by herself. I was so amazed at how confident she is. She did almost have a nervous breakdown before school started but ow that it's going she just seems so happy and walks the halls like she owns the place. You go girl! Go kick some 7th grade butt! 

Claudia 7th grade

Laura is in High school. Where has time gone! In 4 short years she will be gone! All on her own. I just realized there is so much I still want to teach her. Better get cracking. 
Laura 9th grade (real pic coming soon)

Saul 1st Grade. Whaaat?

This young man is in FIRST GRADE!!!!!

He now goes to school ALL DAY!!!

Which means that I get to spend the next two years in the company of only this little number.



Little soldier

Every Day



WE ARE HAVING FUN!!! We miss Saul tho.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Nikki & Kevin

Before I post pictures of our new house I must post on one of the most important events that happened this year. Nikki and Kevin got married in the Provo City Temple. We are all so happy for this. We love Kevin. They will be a wonderful couple! 


This Summer has been full of fun! Zeb passed the bar, got a job in Provo, we bought a house (pics to follow), and we are feeling quite BLESSED! I LOVE SUMMER!!!!!!

Our BABY is THREE!!!

June 24, 2016

Look who decided to get her ears pierced!

Laura and Claudia: Girls Camp. Titus: Cub Day Camp Fun!

Titus' Baptism!

Among the "trials" or maybe a better term would be "eternal uncertainty" that we have been going through the past few years a breath of fresh air and reassurance that Heavenly Father is mindful of us was this wonderful day. This boy has a special spirit about him and the day of his baptism was one that I will never forget.  It was such a special day. You are a wonderful bow Titus Columbus Weeks! You will do great things.

Alex is Gone to Argentina!