Saturday, June 23, 2007

Greetings from Weeksland!!!

I could not decide which of these three pictures was the best so I posted all three. We are having a good time here. We miss everyone very much but are happy ang excited to have abuela over in two weeks!!!

Crazy and cute Weeks!!!

Mateo thinks he is Bravehart, Claudia falls asleep on chairs. These kids are hillarious!!! (The flowers were a gift from Zeb. He's a real gent.)


Must be that Colon blood. It was fun having titi Ive here.


One of the great things about living here is having a playground right downstairs and a swimming-pool with a lifeguard from 10am to 10pm everyday. The kids, especially Laura, have LOVED It! I really enjoy talking to the parents at the playground. Almost everyone here does what Zeb does so it is fun to talk about their adventures.

Sleeping Beauties!!!

There is nothing more satisfying than the sight of your children sleeping peacefully. The most important part of this sentence is peacefully!! Peace, Peace, Peace!!!

Look!!! I can sew!

Just a few things I've made for the kids. The baby quilt, I made for Kascia's baby. She is due in September. How exciting! The pillow, along with htree other smaller ones I made for the girls. I also hand quilted another quilt for Mateo. I will post a picture latter.