Saturday, March 8, 2008

Easter Egg hunt!!!

Today we went to the Consul General's home for an Easter Egg Hunt. It was very nice. The girls had their faces painted. Mateo was not interested. He was just happy to be outside. After Mateo threw a fit when he saw the Easter Bunny, (poor kid almost had a heart attack!) they all got lot's of treats, food etc. . . It was sad to say good bye to some of the people there. I will miss some of these wonderful people we have met at the Consulate.

Pergo Art

The other day, I came down the stairs and almost went into premature labor. I caught the kids drawing on the stairs with what I thought were sharpies. It turns out they were using Dry Erase Board markers and were very proud of their new discovery. They can draw on the stairs and it comes right off!!! Call me a mean mom but I still told them they could not do that. I did not want to create any bad habits.


The girls hair is getting longer. I can do "piggies" They are very happy!

Baby Slings!

The girls are excited about the new baby. Our friend Michelle just had a baby and wears a baby sling everywhere. She got me one for my birthday. The girls wanted to copy aunt Michelle so we made some doll home-made baby slings. Cute Hugh!