Monday, July 14, 2008

Hula Hula!

I have this Hula for weight loss DVD. I'm sure it works great if you Hula with it. I put it on with every intention to work out but; ended up making Hula outfits for everybody and their dogs instead! Oh well, I guess they turned out pretty darn cute. It was worth it. Don't you think?

The Lybberts

Kascia, Travis and little Asher came to visit. We miss them already. Asher sure was fun to have around. What a super duper cute boy!!! Zeb really "bonded" with him. I thought Kas had a very interesting way of bathing Asher. I call it the "If you can't beat them join them" method. We love you guys soooooooo much I hope someday we get to live close to each other.


" Hey! is this what they call sitting?" "I think I like this!"

"What a Trip!"

"I'm feeling a little TOP HEAVY!"

"Dang! Am I allowed to change my mind?"

"Did I hear someone say safety freak?"

Fun at the tub!

We tried to get more kids but I guess half the neighborhood was enough to get in our Jetted Tub. The kids had a blast! Three of these kids are the kids of a fellow missionary of mine, Shawna Morel. Viva Quito mission Shawna!


I thought I would dedicate this one post to Mateo. He is such a great little boy. He really makes us laugh very, very often. In these pictures one can see how much fun he is having with his cousins. His relationship with Owen, his two year old cousin is particularly interesting. They seem to love and hate each other just the same. Hum. . . that may sound familiar to those of us who are married. Ha Ha! The attribute that Mateo has which makes us love him so much is his sweetness. I don't think he's got a mean bone in his body (at least until he is provoked!) We love you Teo!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Laura's Dance Party!!!

Laura (Well OK I did most of the work) threw a most wonderful dance party . We cleaned out the garage. Made lots of goodies, Laura made invitations for all her cousins and a few friends, we borrowed a CD player from grandma and grandpa and, voila!!! We had 40 kids over and Had A Blast! I will post more pix later the computer is acting weird.