Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Zeb

Today is Zeb's Birthday.  He is turning 36!  Wow,  we are getting up there arent we.   I just want to say how much I love Zeb and how grateful I am to ALL the work he does for me and ALL the help he gives me.  I'm pretty sure he folds more laundry that I do.  He is a great man and a wonderful dad.  I admire and love you very much babe.  Happy Birthday!


In these pictures baby Titus is doing what he does best:  BE ADORABLE !  I was doing homework one day and noticed that it was way too quiet.  I hurried and loked for Titus to see what he was doing and found him having a slobber party with his older sibbilings M&M's  He made quite a disgusting mess.  I guess it was a good lesson for his brother and sisters.  Hopefully they will put their candy away next time.  In the other pictures he is eating the food which he droped on the floor under his highchair.  Who says I need a vaccum.  The other one is of him taking a bath (which he needs often)  Can you say PERFECTION!

Titus' first Haircut

I usually do not cut my babies hair until they are at least on year but Zeb kept asking me to cut the back of Titus' hair.  I figured It was getting way to long so I cut it at the tender age of nine months.  I just cut the back.  these a re not very good pictures but believe me he looks sooooooo cute!  I am in LOVE with my baby boy!

For Church we look our Best

I decided I better start spending a little more time on the girls hair for Sunday.  Our ward does not meet until 11am so I feel like I have a little extra time to go the extra mile with them.  I bought a 1/2" barrel curling iron ( for $6) and curled their hair.  They were super excited and felt like they were princesses.  Mateo was content with his handsome plad shirt.  He is getting so big!


Laura has a great little friend named Mairin.  They walk to school together through our back yard.  Mairin's sister Tara goes with them too.  These girls are the two youngest children of eleven.  Their mom is my heroin.  Carole has eleven children and still has manged to keep herself in good enough shape to run marathons and triathlons which are her favorite.  She is a real nice woman and her children are well behaved and super sweet.  

Sledding party

Laura's school celebrated the 100th day of school by having a big sledding party and drinking hot chocolate.  These are pictures from our living room window.  You cannot see her from these pictures.  A tree was covering her.  Cute.

Laura's Long school Commute

Laura gets to school in a most peculiar way.  All she has to do is go to our back yard and go to class.  We hate to rent a home but moving from here will put a tear in my eye mostly because of this great benefit.  I can even watch her playing eith hr little frinds during recess.  It's AWESOME!  She also gets to walk home for lunch once in awhile.  
In these pictures she is walking through our backyard with a friend.