Monday, April 27, 2009


Thank you Mom, Ivelisse, Mark, Cynthia and her girls, Zeb and the kids for being there.  Also thank you David and Emily who were going to the meeting on Thursday but I told not to go because I was only attending the one on Friday.  Love you guys!  
The kids got a bit sick of taking pictures.  Can you tell?  Claudia pulled out an apple and Mateo well, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Titus is ONE!!!!

He is one! I cannot believe it.  I decided to make him a Bug cake.  The chocolate is the mud and the bugs are well, on the mud.  Soooo creative.  Sometimes I surprise myself. (haha)  Titus has been a blessing for all of us.  He has an "advanced" sense of humor.  He makes us feel good about ourselves because he laughs at all of our jokes.  We love him dearly.

Our little Rockie Balboa

Poor little Titus!  He was taking a bath and kept standing up.  I kept sitting him down and telling him NO, NO, NO.   But as usual, my words of advise or even command are as loud as a mime's soft whisper so he did what he wanted and when I turned around to get his towel Bang! He fell right on his eye.  Poor little thing.

Dona Florindas

I grew up  watching a Mexican comedy show for kids called El Chavo del Ocho.  In it, one of the characters is a woman who always wears rollers on her head. Her name was Dona Florinda.  Those of you who have seen the show I guess know what I mean.  The girls slept with rollers on their head the other night.  Their hair turned out really cute.  I of course forgot to take a picture of the final product. Sorry.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Titus got a haircut!

Titus needed a haircut badly.  I'm always scared of cutting my boys hair for the first time but after I do it I am always glad I did.  What a handsome boy!

Claudia's Gymnastics class

Claudia's Gymnastics did a little "Mini Olympics"  A bunch of the younger kids from different classes got put in different groups and they showed us all the things they are learning.  The coolest part was at the end.  All the coaches did a presentation and showed off their talents.  It was awesome! I was going to get more pics and even a video but my camera completely froze! 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


This was not actually Easter day.  Easter day we had a scavenger hunt with just candy, no eggs.  These are boiled eggs.  I think we will not do the boiled egg thing next year.  They stink!!!

Claudia is doing well at reading!


Claudia and Mateo play well together.  I think Mateo will miss her when she goes to Kinder next year. 

Crazy kids

Pizza anyone?

Oh Boy, Here we go again! baby #4

The other day I smelled VINEGAR!  It was pretty strong.  You can only imagine who did it.

Titus loves spring

Poor little Titus.  He can only go out when I go with him.  When we are in he just get's to wish...

Mateo The Artist!

Are these cute or what?