Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween Preview

Well, you have all seen Saul's Halloween costume. He is going to wear that Superman PJ that he was wearing in the pictures a few blogs ago. Mateo is going to be a Vampire. I made the cape he is wearing here. (I'm very proud of that one. thank you very much) For the girls I thought they could wear Saris. Wallmart had a nice sale on this stretchy see-through-ish fabric so I bought it and wrapped the girls up. I think it looks cute but I wish Janet was here to help us because the fabric is too slippery and I think too long. Oh well we will see how it all turns out in the end. I hope I remember to take pictures. The girls re excited, hopefully they wont change their mind about their costume AGAIN!

I am making everyone quilts for Christmas. I went to the quilting store to look for some fabric and was pleasantly surprised to find that they had Halloween fabrics for $1 a yard. That is unheard of for a fabric store!!! I bought a yard of five different ones, came home that night and made all the kids pillowcases to sleep with and to use for their candy while trickortreating (is that a word?) Went back the next morning to buy more and the entire selection was GONE!!! I knew I should have bought more!


The best way to calm Saul is to put him on the deck. He loves fresh air and the sun to warm him. It's getting cold fast though so I will have to bundle him up more or figure something else out.

He is not the greatest eater. He will be six months in a couple of weeks and he has absolutely no interest in food. All he wants is formula. This is odd for my children. They have all been ready for food at a pretty young age. Oh well, it's probably healthier to wait, so why push it right?

And the winner is...The Weeks Family!

A couple of weeks ago the school held a running event to help fund their PE programs. They had a one mile fun run and a 5K. The morning of the race the baby slept in forever so I had to stay home but Zeb took the other four kids and signed up for the 5K. When they got to the start they realized that they were the only ones who signed up for the 5k. EVERYBODY else ran the one mile. Well, Zeb pushed Titus in the stroller, Mateo and Claudia took turns running and riding and Laura ran the entire thing. What a trooper! Laura got first place, Claudia second and Mateo third. The Principal of the school ended up running the mile and then jumped in and did the 5K as well. He thought he would catch up to us but came in a few minutes after Zeb and the kids had finished. He had run as fast as he could trying to catch up. Poor guy he got a good workout that day. Congratulations to all! Oh! and yes, Claudia ran wearing a dress.

My brother

This is my brother Jose. He is a stud! Why? Well, he just ran the St. George Marathon in 3 hours and 11 minutes. This means that he has qualified to run the Boston Marathon next April!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go Jose! Way to work your beeehind off to make your dreams come true!!! You are an inspiration to us all.