Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Claudia!!!! Big #6

Oh how we love little Claudia !!! She turned six years old today. She is such an outgoing little girls full of energy and talent. Her teacher (pictured here) tells me that she walks in the classroom most of the time cracking jokes. She says that sometimes she does not understand the jokes but that just watching Claudia tell the joke is humorous enough. That is so true. She is always cracking us up. Her teacher also mentioned that she is a great reader and is being pulled out with a couple of other kids in her class to a more advanced reading group. We are so proud of her!! For her birthday she wanted to invite a couple of friends and also her babysitters. Isn't that funny. Well, her babysitters were very nice and came to the party believe it or not. We played charades and had cake and ice cream. It was very fun. The only thing we missed terribly was our dear cousins. Thank you Emily for sending that nice present. You are out of this world!

Laura's Fairy tale Ball

Today was the Second Graders Fairy Tale Ball. All the second graders got to dress up like a fairy tale character. They practiced the waltz and other group dances for weeks to show us parents how talented they can be! It was super cute. It was also a big deal because dancing with a boy was a first for most if not all of the kids. The parents got to dance with their child twice. Zeb was teaching a class at the time so he could not make it. I danced one with Laura while carrying Titus who was very tired and in a bad temper. I wish you could have seen how funny that was. Me with my huge belly, carrying Titus and trying to dance with Laura. The second song my friend helped me out and took my place. Here they are dancing. This was one of the funnest activities they have had this year. Oh by the way, Laura was dressed like the Princess of the Sea. (Sailor dress, get it?) Never heard that fairy tale before but we weren't about to buy her an outfit just for this. She was a great sport and had a blast!!!

More on 100th Day of School

This is a picture that Claudia's teacher took of her on the well celebrated 100th day of school! All the Kindergarten kids were supposed to dress up like if they were 100 years old. There were some funny costumes.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Titus Climbs out!

Well, the battle begins! Titus learned how to climb out of his playpen/crib. I usually go in his room after I know he is asleep and cover him with a blanket. I found him on the floor the other day so I just covered him up. He has now also learned how to open the door! He is constantly getting out of his room. I find that if I leave the door open he feels less threatened and actually stays put better. My little baby is growing up!

100th Day of School!

The girls school celebrated their 100th day of school a while ago. Claudia brought this cute crown home and gave it to Titus. Cute. He put it on upside down.