Monday, March 26, 2007

Washington D.C. Temple

Wow! This Temple is very impressive! It is absolutely beautiful!!!

Happy Third Birthday Claudia!!!

Lovely, lovely Claudia was sooooo excited! Thank you for her presents! Mariel and Matt joined the party, we always have a great time when they come over.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

More pictures

Our Apartment

Sorry some of these are dark. Just imagine it much much much brighter.

We miss all of you very much. But hey, there is a GREAT chance we will be sent to a Mexican border town. We are actually feeling pretty good about this especially because that would mean that we would be pretty close to home. There is a good side to everything!

Our Apartment

We did not expect such a nice place. We even get maid service once a week. She cleans the bathrooms, kitchen, changes the bed linens and towels, vacuums, dusts and takes the trash out. Holly cow! now I feel like a rich brat. I guess I can live with that. The girls play in their closet a lot because it is quite big. There is a playground downstairs. We like to go there, the kids play for hours and I get to make new friends.

We made it!!!

After many miles, and several flu related incidents we made it to Washington D.C.! Actually We made it to Falls Church, Virginia. As soon as we parked, it felt like home.

Carthage made the trip worth it!


It was very very veeeeeeery cold, the kids were tired and I was sick, but Nauvoo was almost worth the trip.

Our Family "Vacation"

Our "backward" Poineer trail trip. The sister missionaries at the Nebraska Winter Quarters Visitor's Center dressed the kids as pioneers. This was the highlight of our trip for the girls. They had lot's of fun.