Saturday, November 7, 2009


Zeb likes to go online and show the kids videos of wild animals like lions and tigers fighting for food, and doing all kinds of scary loud noises. They LOVE IT!!! I love this picture because Titus' face is so explicit. I think it's funny.

Haloween 2009

Here are the kids Halloween day. Laura was a dead bride, Claudia was Snow White, Mateo was Tigger and Titus, well he was nothing. Oh well, he is too little for that kind of stuff. Next year we will think of something. I would like to thank our neighbors for all the costumes. They were very nice and let us borrow them. What fun! My dead bride was very dutiful in practicing her piano especially after we threatened her with no trick or treating if she did not practice. What evil parents we are!!! Ha Ha Ha (witch's laugh)


I was going to bed the other night and as I passed by the girls room this is what I saw. I was so proud of them. I think this is a good habit girls, It will keep you strong and safe in these latter days.

Mateo "EL GUAPO"

I finally got Mateo a white shirt and tie for church. He is now officially a future missionary!! He loves it too.

Claudia the helper!!

Claudia decided the other day that she would do my dishes so she brought a chair to the sink and started washing away. It was sooo cute. Thanks Claudia! She did a great job too!

Yellowstone with Titi Madeline

It was wonderful to have Madeline and Mom over. We had lot's of fun, and of course ate up a storm. Those women know how to cook! Four hours away (from Provo to Rexburg) is too far away. I wish we lived closer.
Zeb took them to Yellowstone. He is such a great son in Law! Mateo went with them. I think Mateo thought it would be fun to go but on the way back Zeb says that he said "Dad, I don't think I want to come to Yellowstone ever again is that OK?" Poor little guy he was sooo bored.