Saturday, July 31, 2010

Remember our Picture Window?

Our landlords decided to take out the picture window that was in the living room and put in an eight foot sliding door. What an improvement!!! We are loving it! There now is a cross breeze which we severely missed last summer. There is also access to the deck from inside the house now which makes it much nicer with kids. We spend a lot more time outside and the kids spend more time in the backyard rather than the front yard. We never thought a door could bring such happiness! I better stop here or next thing you know I'll be lighting candles to the almighty door!

We watched the whole process. Very Interesting!

We have a door!! A huge one too!

Inside finished product!

They still have to come and touch up the trim. When they do that I will take a better picture for posterity! Ha ha.

There was a gap between the carpet and the door so they put a nice piece of wood (I believe it's oak) to cover the gap. It looks nicer now, after a few touch ups and cleaning.

Outside view.

The Best Part!

The best part of the whole thing was to watch the kids follow the builder around. They would follow him in and out of the house. I got worried that they would get in his way so I warned the kids to not get to close to him and to give him some room. When I went to check on them to make sure they were following my counsel I saw this! Kids know how to have fun.

Summer Fun 2010!

These are pictures of us this Summer. They are not in any particular order. We love Rexburg but we really enjoyed our visit to Utah. It's always great to see family. I cannot believe how old everyone is getting.
We went to see our friends John and Abby Hardy. They just had their second set of twins. They had two boys about two and a half years ago and now they had two girls. Is that perfect or what! Abby had her twins two days after Saul was born. This picture shows how one of them showed quite a lot of interest in him. I'm sure she will be embarrassed at this picture when they are all teens. That is soooo sweet! Saul's face cracks me up!
I must also mention Sofia and Cristina, our Venezuelan "cousins". Cristina just graduated from BYU in Economics and is leaving to go on a mission in a couple of weeks! Sofia will be going to BYU next year. She is working very hard, she has straight A's in school. She is quite a determined young woman. I think she takes after her sister Cristina, her mother Miriam and her grandmother. We love these cousins very much! What a treat to see them again!