Thursday, April 26, 2007

Last but definitely NOT least!

We went to Mount Vernon again. This time the kids, Zeb and I. On our way out, we were stopped by security agents. Everyone was paralyzed. No one was allowed to go anywhere for a few minutes. "She" was coming! Who was she, I did not know until she came down the stairs and waved at us. It was our first lady Laura Bush. What a treat! I won't be able to sleep tonight I'm so excited! By the way, she says hello. We are neighbours now you know.

Zeb "Graduated"

These are pictures taken at the Benjamin Franklin room. That is were Zeb's class got sworn in. this room was very neat because in it, they have many important and interesting things from the history of the foundation of this nation. For example, the had the actual Treaty of Paris on the actual desk it was signed on!!! WOW!!!


We are very excited about moving to the city where the girl that introduced Zeb and I, (Cynthia) was born in. The most exciting thing about this post will be that we will be close to home and even closer to home-made tortillas!. Yey and yum!

Mom, Fred and I had a great time in Mount Vernon and Arlington Cemetery. What sacred grounds!