Saturday, August 23, 2008

Laura's first day of school

Laura loves first grade. She loves hanging out with her cousin Daphne at school. It has been a blessing having Daphne so close. We cannot wait until their birthdays in November. They are just two weeks apart.

Waiting for Laura's Bus

Laura goes to first grade now! We miss her sooooo much. The good thing is that she is having a blast and her teacher is wonderful!

Gangsta Kidz!

Heavenly Father's Blessings!

Extraterrestrial Bambi in our yard!

Check out this Fawn's eyes. Make the picture big so you can see what we mean.

Organic Bliss!

We have been getting lot's of goodies from Grandmas garden.


Don't worry she is still alive.

Handsome men!

We loved having David , Emily, Jordan Jayden, Bob, Grandma Eneida, Abuela and Susan over for a few days. We had a blast! Please come back.

Macho Man?

Mateos' sisters have a LOT of FUN!