Thursday, February 10, 2011

Good night!

Well, I blogged a ton today.  Don't I look tired?  I will blog again later later!!! (Nothing cuter than a sleeping baby!)


Zeb got an ipod touch from work. Cool hugh? The kids LOVE it  Here they are watching Netflix on it. I have a feeling this generation will turn out retarded. I will ration ipod time.

We have 9am church this year. I love it! I told the girls to lay out their outfits the night before and to get everything perfectly ready.  Here is what Claudia did.  Is she not an obedient little sweetie?  By the way in this picture they are modeling head beads that their Grandparents brought from India. Pretty, Pretty.

Christmas, Fruit Leather and Green Smoothies

I think you can figure out which picture goes with what right?

Jordan: The Capable Babysitter!

Last time we went to visit Provo, I had Jordan hold Saul for a few minutes and he just melted in her arms. He fell right asleep.  Way to go Jordan! You have the touch!

Thank you Jayden

Doesn't Titus look handsome wearing his cousins suit and Sandals?  This might be an omen! Are we moving to Hawaii?

Laura also had a Birthday last year!

November 30th, 2010
Laura our firstborn turned 9!
I cannot believe how grown up she is. She is turning into a little senorita along with her cousins.  She is a huge help for me with Saul. She wants me to have ten more babies so she can take care of them.  We shall see.  Maybe in the next life. Or better yet, Laura:  YOU can have ten kids and take are of them too. That would be wonderful. She actually says she want to have many children.  I personally believe she would do a fantastic job!  Laura is responsible and her teachers at school cannot say enough good things about her. She also loves to exercise. Whenever her dad goes to the BYU-I indoor track she always wants to go with him. Even if it is at 5am! What a bundle of joy she is. A cannot believe it has almost been 10 years!

Mateo turned 5!

How did I get a boy like this? 
Mateo has always been a wonderful boy. He has soo much goodness in him.  He is loving, he always shares his candy, he often gives up his turn so other can go before him if they wish, he is tough and even handsome. Oh he will hate that last comment!  I love him so very much and am truly blessed to be his mommy. Feliz Cumpleanos Mateo!  He turned five Dec. 5th of last year (2010).  Like my volcano cake?


Laura's first grade teacher. Rachel Edwards came over to our house and took these super cute pictures of the boys, Saul in particular.  We were talking the other day about the great expense of baby pictures. She offered to come over and take a few pictures of Saul with her fancy camera.  What a nice girl! She was so good to Laura when she was in first grade.  Laura had been bounced around five different schools. When she got here it was the middle of first grade and Mrs. Edwards was just what she needed. I think she did a great job with the pictures.  She kept telling me: I don't know how to take pictures, I don't know how to take pictures.  Well, I am glad she did it. 

Isn't Saul Getting big!  He is nine months in these pictures.