Friday, November 5, 2010

Titus again

Sorry to write about Titus again but he just cracks me up!  Zeb and I were talking in the front room for a while after the kids went to bed.  When we were done and were about to go to bed we turned around and guess who was hiding behind the rocking chair. "Tituz Columbuz Weekz".  I took this video right after we discovered him.  Poor Tito he hates going to bed. I just had to post the video because I am in love with his lisp.

Look how we have grown!

Can you believe how much these girls have changed in one year.  Laura and her friend Brekley Birch got baptized the same day last year (Dec 5th). They have become pretty much Best friends this year even though they are not in the same class. They are cute. Brekley's little sister Ashlun is in Claudias' class and they like to play together as well.  If we ever leave Rexburg we will miss it. Oh and by the way Brekley and Laura made these cute little aprons. I felt like making them do something productive while playing at our house.  They had fun. I think. 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Saul's new walker!

I got a walker for Saul.  I think it will save my sanity.  He does not like to sit up or even pretend he wants to sit up. He is quite stiff and inflexible. I think he takes after me.  Sorry Saul.  So far he loves his walker.  While I was putting it together the kids were so excited I thought it was Christmas!

Haloween 2010

 Saul did not go out.  He stayed with dad and handed out candy at home.  We got this outfit for free at a clothing swap at church.  Cute little pumpkin!
 Laura was a Evil Empress

 Claudia wore a Saree.
 This was way too small for Titus we was Spiderman instead.
 Mateo was like a spider-vampire. Titus fell asleep before we even left Trick or Treating.

Father and daughter: Homemakers in progress

Zeb and Laura are quite the pair.  This is Laura's first sewing project.  It's a drawstring bag for her spy glasses.  Cute.  Zeb has become an expert bread maker.   We got a great recipe from a lady in our ward.  Zeb has it down to a science!!  it is amazing 100% whole wheat bread.  Way to go Zeb!

The Boys

 It has been fun having the three boys home while the girls are in school. Saul has survived so far thank goodness!
 I hate posting pictures of myself especially since I am never made up but I guess I have to once in a while.  Here I am with baby Saul.
 The other day I was cleaning the kitchen after lunch time with the boys and when I finished the dishes I turned around and saw that Titus was more tired than I thought.
Also the other day I was getting ready to go out to the store with the boys. I noticed that Titus was too quiet.  I sent Mateo to check up on him.  Mateo said: "He is doing great mom.  He is doing crafts!"  I had seen him coloring earlier so I figured he was still coloring.  I felt so grateful that he was being so 'good'. The house was finally quiet! so I continued to get ready without worry.  We went to the store but when we got back and actually took a good look at the 'crafts ' Titus was messing with, I realized what he had done.  He had cut up almost all of Claudia's school pictures!!!  Picasso in training I guess.  At our pockets expense!!!!