Friday, February 29, 2008

The little brown bag

One of the many reasons for quitting the Foreign Service is the fact that living overseas with little children is quite a challenge. One can expect the kids to get stomach infections or to be a bit more clear... BUGS in their tummies. This is something I thought I could control and stand, but it turns out it's stressing me out way tooooo much. Juarez is not that bad for this kind of thing but imagine if we were sent to India or something like that! Alice you are my hero. How did you ever do it with nine kids? The brown bag contains a little present for the lab. We are all getting tested for bugs before we leave. 12-14 little presents for the lab technicians. It sucks to be them! It sucks to be us! It sucks to be ME who had to collect them all!!!

Hasta Pronto Abuela!

Here is the picture I missed on the last post.

See you Latter Abuela!

I of course forgot to get a picture of abuela with us in Juarez. But here is a pic of the kids waving good-bye to her. She came for the weekend. It was very fun to have her and show her our Mexican-US Border Double life. We live in Juarez but do all of our shopping etc... in El Paso. It has been crazy, but very interesting. I'm glad we did it. What I will miss the most is my friend Michelle (what great friends Michelle and Mark are) and our maid San Juana. She has done so much for me. She is an honest level headed woman who has cleaned my house since October three times a week and has kept me company all that time. Her beautiful daughters Brenda nad Nena baby-sit our kids. Needless to say, she has kept me sane. Good bye friends! I cannot believe that the kids and I will be gone in less than two weeks!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Funniets Claudia

Claudia has the funniest mind. I was reading a book of discourses by Boyd K. Packer. Claudia saw his picture in the front and asked: "Who is that?" I said: "It is Boyd K. Packer, an apostle". She gave me an intersting look and said: "A puzzle, like daddy's puzzles?" She is quite a character.

Sweet Laura

On my birthday I was teasing the girls about what present they got for me. Zebs B-Day was last week and they made him home-made picture books. I told them: " Hey girls where is MY present?" Laura looked at me, pointed at herself said: "Mom, This is your present. My love is your present!" Is that cute or what. I do not want anything more.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Our New House!

This is the house we are buying in Nevada. It is about 2,400 sq feet and on an acre of land. We are very super duper excited! Now Zeb just needs to get a job. :) When we get pictures of the inside I will post them.

BIG Surprise Baby Shower!

This is Funny. Tuesday night around 8pm I recieved a phone call. It was a sister from our ward. She told me that all the sisters in the Relief Society were at the church waiting for me. They threw a Baby Shower for me but forgot one small detail.... To let me know! They came and got me and the shower was saved! Are they nice or what! The baby got really nice things.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

El Paso Zoo

We went to the Zoo in El Paso. It is a nice little Zoo. We had a great time. The size of the Zoo was perfect for small children. They had a show with a sea lion. It was great!

Kids at play!

These are the houses next to ours. The kids like to run a round and get close to the dogs next door. (they are behind a gate) when the dogs start barking they scream and run like crazy. Hopefully the dogs never get out.

Laura's PE Outfit

This is what Laura used to look like three days out of the week, when she used to go to Colegio Americano.