Tuesday, July 24, 2007

We miss ABUELA!!!

Having Abuela stay for a few more hours was a real treat!!! We really enjoyed her. Come see us again soon pleeeeeeeease!
We have a great group of LDS people at the apartment complex. We got together the other night and had smores it was so much fun. We have become friends with a couple from Vegas. (The Baileys) They have four gorgeous kids and are going to Costa Rica for their first post. Their youngest daughter Daisy is Laura's age. They are really cool. The Tittus family is another great family, they brought us dinner tonight because they heard I was sick. The Meyers are cool too they were in Ukraine with the Erika's parents and have great things to say about them. We are having a great time here.

What my kids do on their own.

Sad but true. When I was down with strep my kids knew exactly what to do. They knew they had to patiently wait until I got up to feed them breakfast. This is why they did not complain much. They got to watch cartoons while I moaned in bed a few more minutes. They had a great lunch too, fishies with grapes, oh and for a bath they ran through the sprinklers downstairs. Oh how they wish I got strep more often.