Friday, July 17, 2009

Laura's first race! Provo's Freedom Run 5K

We are so proud of Laura! She did her firs 5K on July 4th. She ran it with her cousins Nikki, Alex and Sophia. Her uncle Jose ran the 10K and did it in the time he had hoped for ( I forgot what that was). Her uncle David and aunt Emily were doing the 10k as well but accidentally slept in through the whole race!! Funny. She had such a great time. I'm sure this will not be her last race! YOU GO GIRL!

My latest creations!

The school yard

Since our back yard and the Elementary School's yard is separated by only a chain link fence with a gate, our kids feel a sense of ownership whenever they step on the school's side of the fence.

Just kids playing

One day while the kids were in the house playing we had a little visitor.


I love this picture of Zeb and Titus. Titus is getting so big!


David, Emily, Grandma Eneida, James, Jordan and Jeyden came to visit. What a treat! The kids got wet playing in mud puddles outside! What fun! We missed little David. Hope he comes next time!

Claudia likes to weed!!!

Are we lucky or what!

We have these beautiful flowers in our backyard! Poor Mateo! He has to hang out with the girly girls :(