Thursday, September 10, 2009

Claudia on K-Bus

I found two more pics of Claudia on her first day of school. They really were the cutest so I had to add them. The school picks up and drops off every kindergartner at their home no matter how close the live to the school. I had to send a note letting them know that I do want her to walk home with her big sister. The only reason they let her walk is because of the advantageous location of our backyard.

Our other primos

These are my guapo boys. They are getting sooo big. I got this tie for Mateo but now I need to find a shirt that fits him better. He still looks handsome though. He is modeling his new attire while showing us his manly owie on his face. Macho Macho Man!

I made this quilt and pillowcase for Mateo. ROAR!!!

We met the Baileys in Washington D.C. Zeb and Heath were both training for the Foreign Service. We left the job but they stayed and just finished their first tour in Costa Rica. The will be off to Latvia in about a year, after language training. We call them our cousins because, well, they are! Zeb and Melinda found out soon after we met that they are both descendants of Esaias Edwards. So there you go primos!!!! Luke, Ana, Mollie and Daisy. We love and miss you. Thanks for dropping by.

Back to School

Well school started about two weeks ago so I figured I'd better post some pics of the school girls. Laura is now in second grade and it looks like she will be able to finish all of second grade in one same school!!!!! I won't say that too loud or I will jinx (sp?) her. Her teachers name is Mrs. Hawkins.

Claudia is the star of the day because it was her first day of Kindergarten! She rides the bus to school and then walks across the backyard with Laura when school is out. She goes to PM Kindergarten and her teacher is Mrs. Rhoer. She is supper excited and jumps off the walls if she ever has homework!

Mother of one year old tries to do Genealogy

My life is not so hard because I have four kids. My life is hard because I have a one year old!!! The other day a sat at the computer and got a lot of work done on New Family Search. I'm trying to get my genealogy organized . . . I though Titus was being way too good so when I turned around to look for him, viola! There he was having a GENEALOGICAL BLAST with the corn flour I use to make Arepas! I concluded that this is why usually it is old people that get into genealogy. Oh well, I guess I will keep trying, after all no one is calling me a young fresh flower (or flour) anymore!

Last days of Summer!

So sad summer is over. We loved going on long family walks this summer. We explored all of Rexburg on foot and strollers. This can give you an idea of how small Rexburg is. But that is partly why we like it here so much. It is a small city with lot's of life because of BYU-I. One funny thing that happened was that all summer I thought the Elementary School started on the 7th of September! Boy was I wrong! I learned a couple of days before school started that it was starting so we hurried and got ready for school. I feel like the girls were ready to start but I was not ready. Mateo will be sarting preschool at BYU-I on Sep 22. what a big boy!


We are lucky to live just an hour away from Yellowstone National Park. What an amazing place. I have been once before but taking our kids was special. Old faithful was, as usual, the highlight of the trip but the buffalo were almost as exciting. (at least the first fifty of them)! It was a very pleasant day. On the way back we stopped at the town right outside of the south entrance to the Park to eat dinner. We did not want to spend a lot of money so we (actually ZEB) went into about 5 restaurant to ask for prices... to make a long story short we ended up going to the grocery store. It's cheaper of course! Well... we ended up spending more at the grocery store than we would have at the restaurants. We learned our lesson. Or shall I say Zeb learned it. HA HA Also, I feel like I must mention that Zeb is wearing Titus' pajama bottoms on his head because his head was fried from walking around without his hat. Poor Zeb. He was a great sport ... well he always is!


We went to the Zoo. It was a great experience. The Zoo around here is very small which is ideal for small children. We had lot's of fun with dad this summer. It is nice to have Zeb home for a while. I think these pictures of the kids on this tiger are a great representation of our outings with all the kids. In the beginning we are "somewhat" in control but pretty soon.... Titus takes control!!!