Friday, November 5, 2010

Titus again

Sorry to write about Titus again but he just cracks me up!  Zeb and I were talking in the front room for a while after the kids went to bed.  When we were done and were about to go to bed we turned around and guess who was hiding behind the rocking chair. "Tituz Columbuz Weekz".  I took this video right after we discovered him.  Poor Tito he hates going to bed. I just had to post the video because I am in love with his lisp.

Look how we have grown!

Can you believe how much these girls have changed in one year.  Laura and her friend Brekley Birch got baptized the same day last year (Dec 5th). They have become pretty much Best friends this year even though they are not in the same class. They are cute. Brekley's little sister Ashlun is in Claudias' class and they like to play together as well.  If we ever leave Rexburg we will miss it. Oh and by the way Brekley and Laura made these cute little aprons. I felt like making them do something productive while playing at our house.  They had fun. I think. 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Saul's new walker!

I got a walker for Saul.  I think it will save my sanity.  He does not like to sit up or even pretend he wants to sit up. He is quite stiff and inflexible. I think he takes after me.  Sorry Saul.  So far he loves his walker.  While I was putting it together the kids were so excited I thought it was Christmas!

Haloween 2010

 Saul did not go out.  He stayed with dad and handed out candy at home.  We got this outfit for free at a clothing swap at church.  Cute little pumpkin!
 Laura was a Evil Empress

 Claudia wore a Saree.
 This was way too small for Titus we was Spiderman instead.
 Mateo was like a spider-vampire. Titus fell asleep before we even left Trick or Treating.

Father and daughter: Homemakers in progress

Zeb and Laura are quite the pair.  This is Laura's first sewing project.  It's a drawstring bag for her spy glasses.  Cute.  Zeb has become an expert bread maker.   We got a great recipe from a lady in our ward.  Zeb has it down to a science!!  it is amazing 100% whole wheat bread.  Way to go Zeb!

The Boys

 It has been fun having the three boys home while the girls are in school. Saul has survived so far thank goodness!
 I hate posting pictures of myself especially since I am never made up but I guess I have to once in a while.  Here I am with baby Saul.
 The other day I was cleaning the kitchen after lunch time with the boys and when I finished the dishes I turned around and saw that Titus was more tired than I thought.
Also the other day I was getting ready to go out to the store with the boys. I noticed that Titus was too quiet.  I sent Mateo to check up on him.  Mateo said: "He is doing great mom.  He is doing crafts!"  I had seen him coloring earlier so I figured he was still coloring.  I felt so grateful that he was being so 'good'. The house was finally quiet! so I continued to get ready without worry.  We went to the store but when we got back and actually took a good look at the 'crafts ' Titus was messing with, I realized what he had done.  He had cut up almost all of Claudia's school pictures!!!  Picasso in training I guess.  At our pockets expense!!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween Preview

Well, you have all seen Saul's Halloween costume. He is going to wear that Superman PJ that he was wearing in the pictures a few blogs ago. Mateo is going to be a Vampire. I made the cape he is wearing here. (I'm very proud of that one. thank you very much) For the girls I thought they could wear Saris. Wallmart had a nice sale on this stretchy see-through-ish fabric so I bought it and wrapped the girls up. I think it looks cute but I wish Janet was here to help us because the fabric is too slippery and I think too long. Oh well we will see how it all turns out in the end. I hope I remember to take pictures. The girls re excited, hopefully they wont change their mind about their costume AGAIN!

I am making everyone quilts for Christmas. I went to the quilting store to look for some fabric and was pleasantly surprised to find that they had Halloween fabrics for $1 a yard. That is unheard of for a fabric store!!! I bought a yard of five different ones, came home that night and made all the kids pillowcases to sleep with and to use for their candy while trickortreating (is that a word?) Went back the next morning to buy more and the entire selection was GONE!!! I knew I should have bought more!


The best way to calm Saul is to put him on the deck. He loves fresh air and the sun to warm him. It's getting cold fast though so I will have to bundle him up more or figure something else out.

He is not the greatest eater. He will be six months in a couple of weeks and he has absolutely no interest in food. All he wants is formula. This is odd for my children. They have all been ready for food at a pretty young age. Oh well, it's probably healthier to wait, so why push it right?

And the winner is...The Weeks Family!

A couple of weeks ago the school held a running event to help fund their PE programs. They had a one mile fun run and a 5K. The morning of the race the baby slept in forever so I had to stay home but Zeb took the other four kids and signed up for the 5K. When they got to the start they realized that they were the only ones who signed up for the 5k. EVERYBODY else ran the one mile. Well, Zeb pushed Titus in the stroller, Mateo and Claudia took turns running and riding and Laura ran the entire thing. What a trooper! Laura got first place, Claudia second and Mateo third. The Principal of the school ended up running the mile and then jumped in and did the 5K as well. He thought he would catch up to us but came in a few minutes after Zeb and the kids had finished. He had run as fast as he could trying to catch up. Poor guy he got a good workout that day. Congratulations to all! Oh! and yes, Claudia ran wearing a dress.

My brother

This is my brother Jose. He is a stud! Why? Well, he just ran the St. George Marathon in 3 hours and 11 minutes. This means that he has qualified to run the Boston Marathon next April!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go Jose! Way to work your beeehind off to make your dreams come true!!! You are an inspiration to us all.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Zeb's request.

I took this snapshot of the kids and Zeb liked it so much he asked me to blog it. Too bad Saul wasn't in it! I think Zeb cares about blogging now more than ever because his parents are so far away in India. He wants them to enjoy the grandkids. I can't believe they are already coming home! We can't wait!

"S" Stands for Super?

Super WHAT? Super Boy or Super Spit-up. Look at the second picture and you will know what I mean. I got this superman outfit at K-Mart. I bought it so he could use it for Halloween but he is growing so fast that I thought I'd better have him start wearing it now. I love it! I love having a baby. They are a lot of work but when I hold them and kiss them all the hard work seems like nothing.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Like Father Like Son

One of the qualities that Zeb has, is the fact that he cannot fake emotions. What you see is what you get! It seems as if Titus takes after him.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The only part of my body

This is the only part of my body which might look athletic at this point in my life. Yes, I dislocated my elbow. I cannot remember how I did it, all I remember is that for about a week I lived with horrible pain in my arm. I thought I had just hurt a muscle or something, so I did not go to the doctor. I did not want to go in and then just have the Dr. say: " Yep! You hurt your muscle, don't use your arm for a bit, that will be $50 bucks thank you very much!" I remember last Tuesday going on a two hour walk pushing a stroller, then going to a back to school activity at the park with the kids for three hours and then having to cut my Visiting Teaching visit short because I thought I was going to pass out. I came home and threw up! It was not a pretty picture. I kept taking Ibuprofen and finally yesterday I said NO MORE and went in. I am glad I did because I don't think this would have fixed itself.
The doctor "fixed it" although it still hurts like crazy. He said that if it is not "much better" by Thursday (that's tomorrow) to come back and see him for X-Rays. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow because If it still feels like today I might have to go back in.
I tell you, It is hard being an athlete. Like my doctor said: "If you have five kids you ARE an athlete!!! I think I will retire soon.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to School

The girls began school Last Wednesday. They love it! Laura's teacher, Mrs. Cloward is in our Ward. She is a great person. Claudia's teacher Mrs. Ingram seems to be Super as well. We are very happy here. Mateo is learning to read this year. We are having fun with the Frontline Phonics Program. Saul, Titus Mateo and I feel a bit lonely sometimes without the girls. Although it does feels nice to get back in a schedule.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jake's Wedding

We went up to Logan for Zeb's cousin Jake's wedding. Sorry, I do not have any pictures of the beautiful couple and believe me, they WERE BEAUTIFUL! I just took pictures of the kids. Oh well what can I say, I am a mom! Anyway, the first is of Mateo with Cache (Jarrod's boy). The next one is of all the kids that were waiting outside for the wedding to end. Jason and his girlfriend Brandy watched all of them. I really liked Brandy, she was very nice. They watched Jarrod's, Jess', Ambers', Joe's, our's (but I was there too) and Jason's. We had quite a crowd. The next is of Claudia and Laura with Ambers girls Mariah and Abby and the last is of Claudia and Mariah. Our girls wore the Indian outfits that Janet sent for Christmas. Everyone went nuts over them. We stayed with Amber and had a wonderful time. I really love Amber, she is so solid and kind. Laura and Abby love each other too. I love how our kids are good friends with Zeb's cousins kids. Their pool of cousins is huge because of that. We got to see Matt an Lanette at the reception. That was awesome too.

Daddy and Saul

Zeb LOVES his children. It seems like the more children we have, the earlier he get used to them. He has really enjoyed Saul. It's really cute to watch them play. Saul brightens up whenever his Dad is around.