Thursday, September 16, 2010

Zeb's request.

I took this snapshot of the kids and Zeb liked it so much he asked me to blog it. Too bad Saul wasn't in it! I think Zeb cares about blogging now more than ever because his parents are so far away in India. He wants them to enjoy the grandkids. I can't believe they are already coming home! We can't wait!

"S" Stands for Super?

Super WHAT? Super Boy or Super Spit-up. Look at the second picture and you will know what I mean. I got this superman outfit at K-Mart. I bought it so he could use it for Halloween but he is growing so fast that I thought I'd better have him start wearing it now. I love it! I love having a baby. They are a lot of work but when I hold them and kiss them all the hard work seems like nothing.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Like Father Like Son

One of the qualities that Zeb has, is the fact that he cannot fake emotions. What you see is what you get! It seems as if Titus takes after him.