Monday, June 23, 2008

Laura and Titus

Laura is going to be an amazing mother!!! She has a way with Titus. Whenever "Tidy", that's Titus' nickname, starts crying and won't stop I ask Laura if she wants to hold him. If she says yes I jump for joy because she can make him fall asleep in two seconds. It is wonderful to have her she is my Great Little Helper.

The Damage!!!

Poor Beautiful Claudia. This picture was taken after the swelling had actually gone down a lot. Today she looks MUCH MUCH better than this picture. She is obviously allergic to mosquito bites. Don't worry, she felt no pain and was not sick at all. She just looked like a Star Trek character for three days.

Water fever!!!

Daphne and Claudia were determined to get wet. They decided to create their own little private swimming pools. Isn't that cute! Claudia got bit by mosquitoes. On the next blog you can see the damage.

Chaos at the swimming-pool:

With only one day left for swimming lessons . It happened!!! They found poop in the bottom of the pool. Everybody freaked out! At first they moved all the kids over far from it but soon realized that was kind of gross so they had the kids go to the outside pools. (Thank goodness it was a warm day). Claudia's teacher was the only one brave enough to clean it up so needless to say . . . Claudia had a sub today! Laura is waiting here with all the kids. What a mess! It was pretty funny though. Oh well, what can I say, "It" Happens!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Above: Claudia had a rough start at swimming. Her first teacher put her under the water without notice the second she went in. It was really sad all the little kids were crying non-stop, choking and spitting up water the whole time. It was ridiculous. The next day they had assigned a new teacher. She was AWESOME!!! Claudia is not fearful of water anymore. We are very proud of both Laura and Claudia.

Swimming lessons

The girls had a BLAST! It was so much fun for them that I'm considering signing them up for another round at the end of the summer. We will see. Featured above is Claudia's Super kicks and Laura's Star of the Day "dive".

Monday, June 16, 2008

A New Life!

As you all know, we had a baby boy on April 20th. His Name is Titus Columbus Weeks. He weighed 7.7oz and was 20 inches long. I wanted really bad to have a VBAC and my wish came true. He came 10 days early because I got Toxemia. I thought my doctor would do a repeat C-section because my blood pressure was so high, (180\100) but he was smarter than that! Dr William Parker at Timpanogos Women's Health Care is very pro-VBAC. He induced me immediately and very carefully. My body reacted very well to the induction. The whole labor lasted just TWO HOURS! It was a miracle. I am very grateful that things worked out the way they did. My blood pressure stayed up for two weeks after the labor but has gone down to normal now.

Titus is an adorable baby. I am really enjoying him. Here are some pictures of our new house and the baby. We do not know how long we will be here in Spring Creek. Maybe a year, maybe forever. We shall see!

The birthday party was Claudia's. She turned 4 on March 19th! Wow! I cannot believe that my baby girl is already 4! She is so grown up and as hilarious as ever! Notice what she did while we were singing to her. I guess she thought we were too loud! Ha Ha! We love you Claudia!!!