Wednesday, August 24, 2016

School year 2016-2017

All the children got to go to a new school this year. Rock Canyon Elementary built a new school so the teachers and students are familiar to these guys but the school is brand new. Isn't that great! I have 3 boys in elementary. 

Titus 3rd, Saul 1st, Mateo 5th

Titus couldn't be happier lol

And this young lady get's to go to Centennial Middle School all by herself. I was so amazed at how confident she is. She did almost have a nervous breakdown before school started but ow that it's going she just seems so happy and walks the halls like she owns the place. You go girl! Go kick some 7th grade butt! 

Claudia 7th grade

Laura is in High school. Where has time gone! In 4 short years she will be gone! All on her own. I just realized there is so much I still want to teach her. Better get cracking. 
Laura 9th grade (real pic coming soon)

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